Client centered strategy development

In a rapidly changing world, plans may be useless, but planning remains priceless.

Companies that define and follow their strategies can anticipate external changes and even define their market.

The first step in developing a strategy is to define the ambitions of shareholders and top management by selecting specific indicators:

We use the following sequence to answer the ultimate question – how can we achieve our selected ambition?
Who are our clients, and which of their needs would we like to cover?
What can we offer these clients to meet their needs?
What is the right way to reach our clients for sales and servicing?
What skills will we need to assure client satisfaction?
Who are our competitors, and where is our desired place in the market?
What financial or other resources are required to achieve our goals, and what are the KPIs?
Which initiatives and in which sequence should we deliver to reach our ambition?
A sound strategy must first focus on client needs, which should be the primary driver. This is done by giving voice to current and potential clients through quantitative and qualitative research.

In the past I developed client centered strategies for: