Let's start by understanding how consulting has changed over the years. At first, consultants provided their clients with a multi-hundred-page presentation with all possible kinds of analysis and strategic recommendations. Read more
Accelerating modern consulting
Customer experience and customer success have been common in consumer industries (B2C) for many years. Companies carefully study customer needs by conducting qualitative and quantitative research, monitoring customer online behavior, and capturing upcoming churn triggers. B2B industries still lag behind. Read more
How well do you know your B2B client?
Salespeople sell what they know rather than what the clients need. They use personal connections rather than industrial or functional competencies to sell. Technicians do not know how to talk to customers. The production/ service delivery teams are siloed and hardly involved in sales. Does this sound familiar? Read more
Who leads: sales or production? Spoiler: neither of them
At any given moment, top management and owners run two companies: the business they are in now and the business their company is becoming. During times of crisis, it is common to forget about this second company. Maintaining a focus on the longer-term horizon is essential to properly capitalize on the opportunities that arise during times of crisis. Read more
Anti-crisis recommendations